Terms of us

As earlier stated in the about us page, our information here  are strictly for education purposes so take  notes of all of these please to avoid misleading your self array.  We love and care for you that is why we keep the dream, vision and mission of Mybibleforum.com is to make you smile educationally in all ramifications of life.

What We Do

  1.  we write to educate you
  2. we write to inform you not to be deform
  3. we make you know what course to study in the varsity
  4. you can now know the O level subjects for your field of study
  5. you can now know the number and kind of subjects to put in for JAMB in order to gain admission easily

How To Use Information On The Platform

  1. logon to our site daily
  2. search and locate the subject you want to inquire about
  3. read through the articles and note all the notables
  4. apply into your daily lives and education