Job Opportunities For Industrial Physics Students


Job opportunities for a graduate of industrial physics and also all it takes to be a graduate in this very industrious department. are you really wanting to know where you can work as an industrial physics graduate? the job opportunities possibilities of the areas of life in its proficiency to work? if your answer is yes! then continue reading through these few lines of mine, as i walk you through the basics of how you can get a job after graduation.

As a graduate in this field of industrial physics are trained and equipped to work in diverse areas and dispensations of life endeavors like; stored electricity companies, PHCN, technological companies, refineries, oil and gas companies, aviation, chemical companies and a specified trained graduate can be self-employed and among st others in a respected and reputable ways.

O Level Subjects Needed To Study Industrial Physics

Very importantly, here is where you will need a keen reading to understand vividly, the O level subjects combinations you needed to write in your secondary school pursuits of education so you may do well in all of the subjects as you credit all the required and main subjects area of specialty. why is it so very important to pass all your O level courses with credit pass? See answer in the next paragraph.

Now, it is important to pass and credit all your O level subjects combinations for industrial physics in your school of secondary school because of these following reasons below; 

  • Passing out with credit in all your O level subjects, will help you gain academic respect in your school history
  • Having credit in all your subjects at your O level makes you stand the most of chance of gaining admission into the school of your choice without bargain
  • Crediting all your O level Subjects makes you more confident of your self
  • Passing all your O level subjects makes you stand more chances of passing your JAMB with very high grade
  • Finally, but not the least on the list, it will make you responsible academically and standout on all your varsity.

Here now, any candidate/student wishing to study industrial physics must have the minimum of five (5) credits passes in his or her O level results either WAEC , NECO , NABTEB, WAEC GCE, NECO GCE. The subjects includes; English language, mathematics, chemistry, physics and any other science subject in WAEC, NECO or NABTEB.


 JAMB (UTME) Subjects Combinations To Study Industrial Physics

Work!!! a  student/candidate who wishes to study industrial physics in the varsity of his or her choice will have to register the following four (5) subjects in UTME (JAMB). The subjects needed of you to st for JAMB to includes; English language, chemistry, mathematics and physics for proper evaluations and considerations. See Also JAMB (UTME) Subjects For Soil and Agricultural Science Job Opportunities


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Recap Of the whole article For Industrial Physics

let me walk you through the recap of the whole articles on this page and i know you will enjoy it totally,  you want to know and understand the summary very well? follow me as i walk you all through the recap of the whole gist.

Job opportunities for industrial physics graduates are as viz;

  • You can work in the PHCN companies all over the nation
  • You can work in the refineries companies
  • You can work in the oil and gas companies
  • You can work in the aviation companies
  • You can work in the technological companies
  • You can work in the chemical companies
  • You can also work in the stored electricity companies
  • You can established your own company and be your own boss.

O Level Subjects For Industrial Physics

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics and any other four science subjects in WAEC or NECO

JAMB Subjects For Industrial Physics

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Good luck!

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