JAMB (UTME) Subjects For Soil and Agricultural Science Job Opportunities

Utme (Jamb) Subjects To Study Agricultural Science Or Soil Science Without Issues In Any Of Your Results, Study Hard And Pray Hard Too, Because On A Serious Note; Nothing Good Comes Easy. Jamb/Utme Exams 

Now, let me walk through the valley of life by revealing to you how you can graciously and  successfully study soil or agricultural science, the JAMB (UTME) subjects combinations you needed to scale through higher education and graduate with good grades as a soil scientist and agriculturalist.

Your choice to study soil science or to study agricultural science is a very good decision anybody can make in this era so keenly follow your heart and pay full attention to scale through in flying colors. best of luck. agricultural science or soil science

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JAMB (UTME) Subjects For Soil or Agricultural Science                                    

Any candidate/student of wish to put in for JAMB must have know some certain criteria to be met before thinking about application for JAMB registration because not selecting the right subjects for your JAMB is equals not writing the exams even after passing it with good grades. so wanting to study agricultural or soil  science? You will have to register and write the following four (4) subjects in UTME (JAMB).

The subjects to register and write to includes; English language, chemistry, mathematics or physics and agricultural science for proper considerations in terms of gaining the required admission and also getting the right resources and grades while in study.

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Now, you have known all it takes to sit for JAMB and pass with a very good grades and do well more than your equals in the varsity, college and department. Your duties lies on your responsibility to read, study hardly, pray hard and pass all your courses very well with flying colors more than you ever thought.

O Level Subjects For Soil And Agricultural Science

Any candidate wishing to study agricultural science must have the minimum of five (5) credit passes in his/her O level result grades. The subjects to include; English language, chemistry, mathematics, agricultural science or biology and also any other science subjects in WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, WAEC GCE, or NECO GCE for proper evaluations for admission, course matching in the university and to avoid admission declination.


Job Opportunities For A Graduate Of Agricultural Science Or Soil Science (Soil Scientist And Also Agriculturist)

As a graduate from this field of study, as an agriculturist will work in diverse places like; water resource agency, self-employment, soil texture institute, soil profile institute, pesticides and fertilizers companies, mining companies, agro chemical companies, ministry of land, Agricultural farms, crude oil research, expertise in soil, estate organizations, construction companies among st others.


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In Recap

Now, you have known all it takes to be a successful soil scientist or agriculturalist all you need do now is to stick to all you have known about this very course of study so you can perform best in it but i will still be walking you and taking you through the recap and a brief summary of everything contained in this guide or article which i called a great episode for agriculturalist or upcoming soil scientist per say;

1. O Level Subjects Needed For A Soil Scientist Or Agriculturalist

  • English Language
  • Mathematics or
  • physics
  • Chemistry
  • Agricultural Science or
  • Biology
  • and any other four subjects of your choice but these three subjects are must pass with credit

2. JAMB Subjects For A Soil Scientist Or Agriculturalist

  • English Language
  • Mathematics or
  • Physics
  • Chemistry and
  • Agricultural Science

3. Job Opportunities For A Soil Scientist Or Agriculturalist

  • You can work as a water resource agent or agency
  • You can work in the insecticides, pesticides companies
  • You can work with the soil profile institute
  • You ca work with the soil texture institute
  • You can work In the Ministry of lands and surveys
  • You can work in agro chemical companies
  • crude oil research
  • work as an estate management/manager
  • work also in the fertilizer companies
  • you can also be self employed among others.


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