What Is Christian Religious Studies (CRS) All About

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 What is Christian religious Studies? wow, i know many of you might be asking your self this very question of what really is the meaning of christian religious studies and probably, how to study christian religious studies in the varsity. Now you have found yourself here for guardian.

I will start by answering your question;  Christian religious studies  means the knowledge of God and its prerequisite and what it takes to study it in the university, not just the varsity but also primary and secondary schools studies.

WAEC Subjects  You Need For The Study Of Christian Religious Studies

Now, i will be sharing with you all you need to know about the subjects you are to put in and write in your WAEC exams, stay tuned as i revealed to you the subjects right  now read below;

Any candidate who wants to study Christian Religious Studies must have at least five (5) credit passes to include; English language, Government, Literature, CRS and any other subject in WAEC, NECO or GCE.

JAMB Subjects  You Need For The Study Of Christian Religious Studies

Any candidate of Christian Religious Studies will register the following four (4) subjects in UTME. The subjects include; English language, Government, CRS and Literature in English for consideration.

I recommended O Level Subjects To Study Science Education With Choices And Job Opportunities

Jobs Opportunities For A Graduate Of Christian Religious Studies

A graduate of Christian Religious Studies can work in places like; PASTOR, CAN, CAC, HRC, CASSION, UNESCO, UNICEF, RELIGIOUS BODIES, SCHOOLS, INFORMATICS, ADVISERS etc.



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