The Requirements To Study Archaeology And The Job Opportunities

The Requirements To Study Archaeology And The Job Opportunities

in this course of study named archaeology, any suitable candidate who wishes to study archaeology as a course and the student want to do good in this field of study, you must attained a certain level of requirements before you will be allowed to study archaeology.  For you, as a student who wants to study archaeology as a course must possess at least five (5) credit passes to includes; English language, mathematics, agricultural science or biology, government or history, and also IRS or CRS in either WAEC, NECO, or GCE.

Utme (jamb) subjects combination to study archaeology

A candidate who wishes to study archaeology in the higher institution (university) must know the exact subjects combinations to apply for via jamb in order to help him get admission without any hindrances. An aspiring archaeologist will have to register the following subjects in jamb to include; English language, literature, Christian religious studies or Islamic religious studies, government or history for proper elucidations into the course of study.

Job opportunities for a graduate of archaeology, an archaeologist

Student graduate of archaeology, as an archaeologist will have the opportunities to work in various dispensations of life endeavors and do well.  Work dispensations to includes; AIT, culture and evolution, council for British archaeologists, Bio-research, HRC, international bodies, schools, UNESCO, bio-informatics , evolution and fossil research, land historical development, geological research, space research, humanitarian organization, you as a graduate in archaeology can also do the work of quantity surveying amongst others.

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