How Profitable Is Google AdSense Revenue In 2020


What’s Google AdSense?
What are the benefits of Google AdSense?
Who can use Google AdSense?
How to qualify for Google AdSense?

Now let go! I know you have been waiting to hear from me about what is Google AdSense that everyone is talking about and maybe the prerequisites involved on how to make use of this very wonderful product offered by Google. Do you really want to hear this? If yes? Keep reading happily and concentrate while you read and as a blogger or internet marketer you are in the right place so even after reading and you are perplexed about any thing or any wordings please , please and please use the comment box to ask your questions and they will all be given attention.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a CPC program that pays advertisers directly for displayed ads banners on their websites and blogs , on the other hand google AdSense pay you for leading others to their websites and the sponsored websites so they pay for for doing that, and your website must meet come certain criteria for it to be allowed into the Google AdSense program. I know you maybe asking and surprised what it means by CPC , well let me explain. CPC just means Cost per click that’s as you earn money on your website or blog Google is paying you for the actions those visiting your website at taking, example, viewing your post, clicking your ads etc. Hope you are beginning to see how sweet and lucrative google AdSense is, very lucrative business ever.

What are the benefits of Google AdSense?

Well, when we talk of Google AdSense, it has so many benefits to its users who knows the value and the importance because you can’t know the benefits of a thing, without knowing the values and the importance its from the values and the importance you will get to know the benefits.

Benefits of Google AdSense

1. Google AdSense Allows you to monetized your website

2. Google AdSense allow you to monetized your products and services

3. Google AdSense allow you to utilized your website traffic positively and lucratively

4. You earn big money from google AdSense

Elucidation of the benefits of Google AdSense

1. Google AdSense allow you to monetized your website; I’ll be elucidating on this a little, you are entitled to earn from google if you have a website that meets google AdSense requirements so you traffic will not just be wasting on your website rather the visitors and all the traffic will be converted to money in the bank. I’ll advice you to go for AdSense if you have enough traffic or visitors on your BLOG.

2. Google AdSense allow you to monetized your products and services; AdSense is good, so long AdSense is been approved on your website or blog you are entitled to start earning dollars from the products and services you listed on the website, let me explain more what that means is this; from the product you listed and the services too, google get those articles monetized so long people are reading your website you are earning. “Traffic remain an AdSense earners Queen for content remain king”.

3. Google AdSense allow you to utilized your website traffic positively and lucratively; In this aspect Google AdSense allow you to earn from your website traffic in other words visitors. So traffic can not waste just like that on your website because you have AdSense activated on your Website, strive for more legit contents to be published on your website and you will never regret it in life , the positive results may not come in now but soon.

4. You earn big money from Google AdSense; All the possible ways to earn money from Google AdSense if you utilized it very lucratively , you will he earning dollars or pounds or other currency passively from the AdSense business because google pays you every time someone surf your website so think of your website having millions of visitors guess what? That is millions of dollars as well. Earn passive income from google just by publishing relevant articles , contents on the website or blog.

Who can use Google AdSense?

Well, Google AdSense anyone can use google AdSense so long you have the certain criteria to meet believe you me Google has no enemy if you are following their policies. Keep your website off scrapped and copied contents and moved on with your articles authenticity and you will enjoy Google AdSense AdSense to the fullest .

Any blogger, content creator, writer, internet marketer and other Internet users and netizens can use google AdSense freely and its free why at times we sell Google AdSense accounts is because of those who can’t meet the requirements about AdSense and their policies so we help them and they in return appreciate us with money. Money in the bank, make money online.

How to qualify for Google AdSense?

As a content creator , a website owner or a blog owner, if you want to start using AdSense on your website, you must meet Google AdSense requirements just like marrying a wife there must be some marriage rites you must do, so its with AdSense you must meet it. What are these criteria?

1. Your website must be well designed
2. Your website must be scrapped content free
3. Your Website Must be at least 4-6 month old
4. Your website pages must be well optimized
5. Apply now for AdSense

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